Business & Image Use Terms


  • Photographic rates are based on single use, first publication serial rights

  • Ron Gaunt Photography maintains the right to use any images produced for its clients to promote the business of Ron Gaunt Photography and to resell any generic images.
  • Images may not be manipulated in any way without the prior consent of Ron Gaunt Photography
  • Non-exclusive ordered images which are commissioned must be paid for whether published or not.
  • Images may not be archived or stored in any database, physical or electronic storage system or image library without the express permission in writing of Ron Gaunt Photography
  • Copyright © of all images remains with Ron Gaunt Photography and its associated companies unless otherwise negotiated
  • Travel & accommodation costs are borne by commissioning client.
  • Organisation of photographic shoot is responsibility of commissioning client.
  • All published images must be accompanied by the following photo credit, by-line ""
  • Images published without an appropriate photo credit/ by-line will be charged at normal rate + 50%
  • All images supplied to the commissioning client may be used for any purpose by the client.
  • The client accepts full liability for all uses and indemnifies Ron Gaunt Photography against all claims for improper, illegal or outrages uses of original images sourced by Ron Gaunt Photography.

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